Investor FundedInvestor Funded Solar Installations

When your commercial, industrial or government owned facility meets the qualifications for solar viability, Atlantic Solar and our renewable energy partners will install, maintain, and own a solar system on your location, at absolutely NO cost to you. You simply agree to purchase the energy produced by the system.

Renewable energy investors are eager to promote solar installations, with substantial, long term returns backed by solar credits, tax credits, government incentives and PPA’s, (15 – 20 year Power Purchase Agreements) backed by stable property owners. Solar renewable energy is an investment in business sustainability, lower operating energy cost, job creation and job retention, and responsible stewardship to our environment.

On site solar energy can save on average, 45% off utility supplied power, by producing renewable energy at a fraction of the cost per kilowatt of energy delivered “off the grid”.

By using high quality photovoltaic panels, the Atlantic Solar system will deliver reliable energy for many years.