Energy Auctions – where YOU are always the winner!

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Major energy suppliers will “bid” on the right to supply your electricity and natural gas at the lowest price.

How it works:

You provide a signed Letter of Authorization along with a current energy bill from your supplier showing the current price you pay for electric and/or natural gas, and you will be placed in the scheduled auction.

On the day of the auction, major energy suppliers will place bids online to offer you a lower price for your energy. At the end of the bid process, the supplier who has offered the lowest supply price is the “winner” of the auction. The “lowest” bid is the reason it is call a “reverse” auction.

You are notified of the offer, and you have the right to accept or refuse it. There is no cost, and no obligation to participate!

Our energy auction specialist will take you through the entire process, from pricing to contract terms and negotiations. If you are currently under a supplier contract you may “lock in” the offer to take effect at the end of your contract. Offers are made for a limited time and expire if not accepted. You may re-enter at a later date if you do not accept the initial auction offer.

Remember, we represent YOU, not the energy suppliers that are “bidding” on your business.