Energy Choice EC1000 Power Generation Unit

Energy Choice power generation units offer a complete solution to your power generation needs. A steel container is provided of sufficient size to contain the engine, generator, and all necessary equipment including the electrical and control equipment. All equipment is factory installed, connected, and tested to ensure that the unit is fully functional. The unit is controlled from the programmable logic controller located in the container’s electrical and control room. The unit shall be interconnected to the grid and shall be capable of operating in parallel with the utility.

The equipment is high quality and utility grade. But Energy Choice provides much more than just the equipment. It is our priority to ensure that every power generation solution is set up for success. Included in Energy Choice’s scope of supply is all engineering and equipment needed to interconnect the unit to the gas utility, electric utility, and the facility’s electric infrastructure. Installation, startup, testing, interconnection permitting, and emissions permitting are provided as well. Once the units are operating, Energy Choice will continue to support the project by offering a maintenance contract that includes scheduled maintenance, remote monitoring, and a fast response in the event that unplanned maintenance is required. By providing full project support throughout the life of the equipment, Energy Choice ensures that your facility will always have a reliable and high-quality power generation solution.

Distributed Generation Benefits

Distributed generation is power generation at the point of consumption. Customers that implement distributed generation solutions can see many benefits including:

  • Increased Revenue
    •  Decrease utility demand charges
    • Significant energy savings
  • Enhanced Reliability
    • Island mode used for uninterrupted service
    •  Grid can be used as back-up
  • Environmental Benefits
    • Emissions reduction
    • Increased efficiency
  • Project Structure Options
    • Payment options with EC
  • Creation of Local Jobs

About Energy Choice

There has never been a smarter time to invest in distributed generation. Today’s low natural gas prices and higher electrical prices make onsite power generation systems a very attractive option for slashing energy expenses. Energy Choice offers turn-key power generation solutions that provide the best overall value for onsite power generation and have the highest efficiency and quality available. Energy Choice offers 500kW, 1MW, 1.5MW, and 2MW “power plant in a box” solutions that are ideal for distributed generation projects. Our systems are fully containerized and our team works closely with the project developers and
engine end users to take a holistic approach to power generation. This results in both reduced project implementation time and life cycle costs.